Welcome Students!

Important Information

Whether it's your first time at the career fair (Hello Freshmen!) or your last time at the career fair (Goodbye Seniors!), we hope you're excited to join us at our annual Engineering Spring Career Fair! Please reach out to us at ecaft@cornell.edu if you have any questions before the career fair.

  • Several copies of your resume for multiple employers

  • Pen

  • A pad/notebook for jotting down quick notes

  • Confidence and knowledge of company. Employers like to see students who can articulate their strengths and why they are excited about the company's work.

Students must wear formal clothing to the career fair. It is important to look professional in front of employers. The formality of students’ attire can vary based on the type of companies that they approach. Tech and Engineering companies tend to be more casual than Finance and Law companies.

The following are recommended for men:

  • Dress shirt

  • Slacks/Trousers/Dress pants

  • Dress shoes

  • Blazer/Suit jacket (optional)

  • Sweater (optional)

  • Tie (optional)

The following are recommended for women:

  • Dress shirt/blouse

  • Pumps with low/medium heels

  • Slacks/Trousers/Dress pants

  • Two-piece suit (optional)

The following are not recommended:

  • Casual tops (hoodie, common branded sweatshirt, T-shirt)

  • Sneakers, boots, or sandals

  • Piercings on ear, nose, lip, etc.

  • Jeans, shorts, baggy pants

Are you interested in seeing a specific employer at the Career Fair that isn't listed?

Submit a Request

Alternatively, email ecaft@cornell.edu with subject title "Student Employer Request".